Nutritional Therapist and Retreat Co-Founder

Claire Bradbury

Meet our retreat co-founder and fully qualified Nutritional Therapist, whose journey from a dedicated mother seeking holistic alternatives for her daughter’s well-being, led to the creation of this transformative retreat. Witnessing her daughter’s vibrant health through nutrition inspired Claire to share this journey with others and set up a practice.

 Claire’s approach is rooted in Functional Medicine, focusing on identifying and addressing the underlying factors affecting health. Backed by scientific testing, including food intolerance testing and in-depth blood analysis, Claire offers her practice clients insight and clarity on their path to wellness. With registrations from BANT, CNHC, and a commitment to ongoing education, our Co-Founder is shaping the future of holistic health for her clients everyday and now brings this wealth of experience to Haelu-Retreats.

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