Who is Hǣlu ?

Claire Bradbury
Nutritional Therapist & Retreat Co-Founder

Our Co-founder and Nutritional Therapist, inspired by her daughter’s health journey, brings holistic wellness rooted in Functional Medicine to Haelu-Retreats.

Elizabeth Blake_Thomas2
Elizabeth Blake-Thomas
Life Coach & Intentional Living Instructor

Elizabeth Blake-Thomas, Film Director and Life Coaching Professional, amongst many things; combines psychology and creative expertise for intentional living.

Nicola Hazell
Co-Founder & Natural Health Advocate

Co-Founder and Brand Manager with a passion for holistic well-being, blends Naturopathy and Yoga to empower harmony and health.

Liz Underwood
Somatic Yoga Teacher

Highly qualified Yoga Teacher – Liz, empowers self-healing and well-being through Somatics, sharing her expertise in transformative mindful movement.

Jane Chapman
Breathwork & Psychotherapy Practitioner

With decades of expertise, Jane is both a qualified Psychotherapist and our Integrative Breathwork Practitioner, championing purpose, connection, and positive change.


Becky Rutter
Integrative Therapist & Gong Master

A holistic practitioner specialising in Sound Healing and Yoga, Becky blends her deep knowledge, training and compassion to offer holistic well-being expertise.

Be well. Be you.

Be Hǣlu

What is Hǣlu?

Hǣlu is an old English word meaning health, healing and wholeness; well-being in a physical, mental, and spiritual sense.

In Anglo-Saxon times Hǣlu was known to be the quality that kept a person well. From Hǣlu comes the word ‘Heal’ and the root of the old English blessing Wes hāl (‘literally ‘be well‘ – the origin of our word wassail).

Being ‘well’ is about more than  just the absence of ‘dis’ ease. A Hǣlu retreat will help you discover what good physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health means for you. We work with you to cultivate a sense of inner peace, contentment and an ability to appreciate and find happiness in the present moment, regardless of external circumstances. Finding joy.

Where is Hǣlu?

Hǣlu are collaborating with Bainland Lodge Retreats in Lincolnshire to bring you the Ultimate Reset Retreat – a partnership with a commitment to wellness at its heart!

Bainland are experts at combining nature and luxury. Nestled within the tranquility of the Lincolnshire Wolds, Bainland’s English Garden Villa offers an idyllic haven for those seeking rejuvenation and renewal, providing an escape from the fast paced demands of everyday life.

We are delighted to be working with Bainland Lodge Retreats, which is where your booking will be made, although the retreat itself will be run by the Hǣlu team. If you would like to find out more about Bainland Lodge Retreats, here is the link.

How we Hǣlu

  • We believe we are on this earth to experience joy, have fun and grow to be our best, most authentic selves, each of us on our own unique stage in this  journey.

  • Without judgement we will meet you exactly where you are and help you move towards where you want to be – even if that means just finding yourself again.

  • Our approach is one of positivity and compassion, where we treat people decently, we are genuinely helpful, honest and generous with our knowledge and expertise to all we interact with – Employees, suppliers, customers, competitors.

  • We promise you will find some inner calm, be well nourished, inspired, more informed and in control of your own health.

  • We give you the tools to do the same back at home and support you in that journey.

be inspired,

Wes hāl,

be you.

This retreat is more than just an escape from your routine; it is your pathway to a transformative lifestyle, with the remarkable power of food and nutrition at its core. As modern society battles with an array of lifestyle diseases from heart ailments to diabetes, anxiety to lack of energy, we stand firm in our conviction that a pivotal shift in our daily eating habits can not only safeguard us from these conditions, but also has the potential to reverse their course.

On a Hǣlu retreat we ensure you depart with valuable insights into how to achieve and maintain optimal health. So come, join us in this transformative journey, where we reimagine how you eat, live, and flourish.

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